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1.1% of dental students were female


The Ultimate Don’t Do This Guide to Maternity Leave for Women in Dentistry

By Rachel Mele

It’s hard for me to admit this story. However, as I thought about the launch of this amazing magazine dedicated to women in dentistry, I realized now is the time. I’ll come right out and say it then. In 2009, I took a one-week maternity leave following the birth of my first child. What I’ve learned since then is the art of creating work/life balance.

woman climbing virtual steps to attain her dream dental career
My Dental Career Story Started at Age 13 Who would have thought that, in 1973, when I was 13 years old, having my mother drop me off at my father’s dental practice after school would be the start of a lifelong dental career? My introduction to the profession was hand-dipping full mouth series of x-rays, letting them dry, and then...
I began working in recovery in 2013. I can honestly tell you that working in this space was not on my radar, nor were the series of circumstances that brought me to the space! One thing and then another led me to a key conversation with Terry Marvin, owner of a recovery center. He said, “you have a unique...
My road to dental entrepreneurship, like many of us out there, has had many twists and turns but as the driver of our own destiny, we must continue to keep moving forward. One of the first turns in my journey started with a chance encounter with a handsome dark-haired gentleman. Our first conversation was basically hello, “How do you...
As a female dentist one of the most important aspects to practicing dentistry is taking care of YOURSELF. I will be honest with you, there are times where I put everyone else first and my health last! I am sure you all can relate. But, I have learned the best way to lead is leading by example, so here...
I will never forget the smiles on their faces as they both peaked their heads through the door of their newly renovated office, “All About Smiles.” Dr. Grace and Dr. Lew were just like children on Christmas morning when together, they shouted, “Is this OUR office?!” Fortunately, one of our renovation team members was able to capture that moment. To...


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