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How the Movement has Grown

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1.1% of dental students were female


The Ultimate Don’t Do This Guide to Maternity Leave for Women in Dentistry

By Rachel Mele

It’s hard for me to admit this story. However, as I thought about the launch of this amazing magazine dedicated to women in dentistry, I realized now is the time. I’ll come right out and say it then. In 2009, I took a one-week maternity leave following the birth of my first child. What I’ve learned since then is the art of creating work/life balance.

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension’s First Smiles program makes a difference
Working for The First Smiles Cooperative Extension Christy Stuth starts her day packing up Spiderman and My Little Pony toothbrushes along with a portable dental screening kit, and then drives to a preschool an hour and a half away. As part of the First Smiles program, she visits each classroom, gives a 20-minute oral health lesson; then does dental screenings...
As the team leader of your practice, do you feel held hostage?
A short SpouseTale, because you can’t make this stuff up! Doctor held hostage, is a real thing. It can manifest as a feeling, an event, or the circumstance one might find themselves in after a decision made, leaves them feeling less than powerful or in charge at all. It can often leave someone feeling uneasy about the actual result or...
Leap into Your Life and Maximize Your Impact
I was in my twenties, doggedly pursuing my dream of being a professional actress in New York City. Auditions—and rejections—were challenging and discouraging. To fuel my bruised creative spirit, I took supportive acting classes; and I soaked in every piece of theater I could afford to see on my limited budget. It was so innovative, so viscerally stirring to watch. That’s...
Journey of a dental hygienist and beyond.
High School Dreams When I was in high school, I already had my entire life planned out. I was going to be married by 25 years old. Have 2 kids. Own a grey house on 2 acres (very specific, I know!). Work as a dental hygienist. Be married to a wonderful husband. And of course live the fairytale dream of...


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