Arriving at entrepreneur status takes time as we all know. It just doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey of highs and lows, positive and sometimes negative influences, wins and losses and trials and errors.

Nonetheless, the events and the road we travel to get us to this place is always a valuable one–one where every experience and association both good and bad can be great learning experiences and need to be recognized and documented in some way. Everything counts as far as I’m concerned.

With this, I wonder how many of our readers supply potential clients with an overview of their history, or as I like to call it, my Timeline/Bio. In it I include all my (positive) associations, proudest achievements, accomplishments, and what I am currently doing at the moment. As entrepreneurs we are always up to something aren’t we? J

The purpose of this piece is two-fold and can prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. It not only serves as a roadmap that future clients can track along with my history, background and credentials acquired along the way, but it also serves as an overview and template for future endeavors. Within the text I make mention of other organizations and companies that I might have been a part of, presented for, was affiliated with, or supported along with a web link for the reader to click to take a look at some of the other dental professionals and influencers that I’ve worked with in various capacities. Becoming a contributor to DeWlife meant that I made sure to reference this publication along with its developer, Anne Linsch Duffy, so that she and her magazine could acquire some new followers and receive some attention that she so rightfully earned and deserves. It’s so important for us to work together and to support one another.

I suggest to my fellow “DeWers” that you consider following my lead if you haven’t already created a similar document to share; and if you also subscribe to this approach, be sure to add DeWLife to your resume or introductions so that you might “lock arms” with others, particularly women like us.

This can make a tremendous difference and help us all to grow and get the traction and recognition we are all working so hard to attain not only in the dental profession, but for women of action everywhere.

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Dentistry has been Deb’s career for almost 5 decades. With experience right in the trenches, eventually migrating to the business office and owning and operating a crown and bridge lab, she has been exposed to every area of dentistry. Owing to her interest in developing a more structured way to locate, interview and integrate dental team professionals, she built a dental only placement agency in Phoenix, Arizona that served as the prototype for a national franchise offering. Recently she is continued to work on a smaller scale coaching dentists throughout the country with team development working both remotely and onsite team coaching, and lecturing across the country on team hire, integration and retention. Deb's most recent endeavor, in conjunction with her technical team, involves creating dental-related cloud based software to optimize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of practice teams. Her latest project, OurPerioTeam©, is an exciting program that assists periodontists and their teams with virtually all of their very specific day-to-day business, including a stunning new method for automating the transfer of patient information both FROM and TO their referring general dentists. This is in addition to other functions that are not accommodated by any Practice Management Software.


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