How to Create a Comfortable Environment in a Pediatric Orthodontists Clinic


An appointment to the dentist is a scary prospect even for the adults — more so for little children. However, the child cannot avoid the visit to the dentist. You must encourage parents to take their kids to a pediatric orthodontist at least by the age of seven. As a pediatric orthodontist, you can ensure that the child’s teeth are healthy but also make sure they have a comfortable and ‘non-scary’ time sitting on the dentist chair.

Here are a few ways to create a comfortable environment in your clinic.

  • Explain Everything

Not knowing what is going to happen is one of the main reasons for anxiety in young children. They would be more anxious if it’s their first visit or hasn’t been to the dentist often. As a pediatric orthodontist, make them at ease by explaining the procedure in simple language to the kids. You could explain in detail what you would be doing to keep their teeth healthy and what tools you would be using. They will feel more comfortable if their curiosity is satiated. Be gentle with the explanation but don’t sugarcoat things. Let them know it would be slightly painful but it wouldn’t last long. This way the kids won’t be too scared of the pain.

  • Create a Fun Environment

Dental tools, sharp instruments and the large chair can be intimidating to children visiting the dentist’s clinic. Therefore, it is necessary to design your office to make the children comfortable. Keep toys and kid-friendly decorations to engage the kids. Design activities to create a fun and enjoyable environment. Even though they seem like small steps, they go a long way in making the children happy and comfortable.

  • Address Unique, Special Needs of Children

Since you would be trained specifically to treat young children, pre-teens and teens, you must quickly spot patterns of decay or gum disease at an early stage in the young mouths. Keep the parents well-informed about your findings. Focus on the unique, special needs of children, right from the eruption of the child’s first tooth, information about wisdom teeth to recommending braces.

  • Inform Parents About Technological Developments

One of the biggest concerns for teens and young children is putting on braces to fix their crooked teeth. They get very conscious of their appearance and avoid social situations, which could be detrimental to their growth and development. As a pediatric dentist, you must inform the kids and parents of the latest technologies that won’t just help in treating a dental issue but also keep the requirements of the kids in minds. For example, Invisalign helps in straightening the crooked teeth without making with the kid’s conscious about their appearance, which is common with metal braces.

  • Allow the Parents Inside

Children would feel more comfortable if they have their parents with them in the room. If it doesn’t interfere with what you are doing, encourage parents to come in and hold their kid’s hand or stand next to them. Moreover, it would relax even the parents to see the dental exam room and make sure that it is clean, hygienic and professional.

  • Reward the Child

Once the procedure is over, reward the child for sitting through it. The reward could be something small like a small toy or crayon for being brave and sitting calmly through the dental procedure. This will make the child feel good about themselves and encourage them to come in for their next visit without making a fuss.

As a family orthodontist, keep the children and parents calm before, during and after the procedure. Answer any questions they have and make sure you are patient and friendly with the kids.



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