what a house flood taught me about starting over

editor’s note: From something as troublesome as house flood, Dr. Jill Wade gets the chance to evaluate what really matters in life and the opportunity to start over.

I realized I never dreamed my house flooding would be exactly what I needed in life!

As a woman in dentistry entrepreneur, I of course was keeping up my appearance with my favorite esthetician getting a little laser treatment and skin pin action on my face when the dreaded text came through… CALL ME YOUR HOUSE HAS WATER EVERYWHERE!!!!

What???? Really?????? I’m on my way. As I walked up to the house and saw the river of water pouring out my front door, I thought this is not going to be good!

As we quickly sprung into action, kicking off shoes, lifting up furniture, turning off main water supply, all I could do was LAUGH. How could there be so much water? How could there be so much damage? What am I going to do? I’m suppose to leave for Cuba in 3 days. Yikes what about black mold!!! (If you live in Texas you understand this last statement).

Nothing is stranger than walking through your house as your hard wood floors are rising and floating off the floor and water is squishing out in waves from each step as you access room by room the damage. You begin to access all the time, effort and money you have spent on decorating, choosing the perfect wall color, saving up for that particular piece of furniture and all the memories that go along with each room.

So how in the midst of such shock are there no tears, no emotion, no anger? NOTHING really. I literally was able to simply be in the moment. Nobody was hurt, nobody died, nobody just got horrible medical news that would change my entire life in an instant.

The week before my flood, one of my most favorite patients in the whole wide world, B. Battaglia, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and would need major surgery and treatment immediately! He is the most charismatic 21 year old I have ever met. With the world in front of him as new OU cheerleader, his life and his family’s life changed in an instant when he came back from a conditioning run in the heat which kicked off such excruciating pain that he was hospitalized immediately. Watching his parents and siblings and support system take this challenge on with dignity and positive spiritual hope has been exemplary. How was my tiny little flood even in comparison important in the big scheme of things.

dr jill wade house flood

I realized that sometimes things just happen. They are inconveniences in life, like one of the team members dropping the $6,000 nomad x-ray machine that now must be replaced. How you CHOOSE to process these inconveniences in your head and in your heart is literally going to affect YOU, and ultimately your health. If every time something happens that you were not expecting and you turn it into drama and trauma then your body is constantly in a fight or flight mode. Overtime, this will wear you down and pull down your immune system and cause adrenal fatigue. Then, you actually do get sick and you do have an experience that changes your life in an instant. I preach this, I know the science, and I am trying to walk the walk.

I never dreamed my house flooding would be exactly what I needed in my life right now! I have had the opportunity to completely re-evaluate EVERYTHING! How am I living, where am I living, and is it all bringing me joy? And is it time to make some changes?

As the woman in charge of my practice, my patients, my team, my family, my children…sometimes I forget to ask myself what do I want? What do I need? Am I still enjoying life?

I have learned or reminded myself of several things with this experience.

  1. Sometimes major change is good (even a house flood!).
  2. We don’t need as many things as we think we do.
  3. Ask yourself what REALLY is important… and then make yourself answer it.
  4. Too much stuff clutters our mind and our world.
  5. Purging is a way to allow new things to enter into your life.

Although I don’t wish an actual house flood on you, I do wish for you some experience that makes you stop and reflect on WHAT YOUR NEEDS ARE RIGHT NOW. What do you want? What would help you find more joy in life? Perhaps it is time for you to make a course correction, whatever that might be. Until then, be thankful for what you do have and change the rest.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Flooding with gratitude!

Dr. Jill Wade



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