What DeW we Dew…


How many of you started your business and then several months later you asked yourself questions like, “What was I thinking” or “Now what Dew I Dew”? How many of you didn’t make a single profit for a year? How many of you went years without a profitable return on your investment?

I have. Me right here!!

Some people quit when the going gets tough. Some think they have failed when they have only just begun. Or lose faith in themselves and in their ability to bring their skillset/passion/ aka product/service to fruition. The fear of failure is real ladies.

Then there are those that back their value and worth no matter how hard they fall. They refuse to settle in all thing’s life, they are committed to themselves no matter what. They are so driven and have so much grit that they do not have the mental availability to question whether to back down. No fear.

Running a business is hard.

There are gut-wrenching moments where you wonder what else can go wrong and how much more energy you can conjure. Sleepless nights followed by expensive eye cream mornings, lost friends, doubts in your parenting, arguments with your significant other, tears and screams. Times where you run to Parkers, fill up an extra-large Diet Coke fountain drink, grab a King Size Butterfinger bar, run home and then hide in your dark closet to clear your thoughts. Yes, you can eat the whole thing. Absolutely. DeW you girl!

Through those trials and in those very moments, that is where you find yourself. In those moments, you discover whether you have what it takes.

You learn to drink your coffee black most mornings. Find out why investing in dry cleaning is a must.  You find out who is really in your circle. Learn who you truly are as a person. You learn to focus on bigger things, redirecting your energy away from lost causes. You learn where your drive is derived. Your vision becomes clearer and your desires grow stronger. You choose positivity and pursue prosperity. You build yourself and you choose to push forward.

So many allegories

Being a mom, I know a thing or two about a good Disney movie. Do you remember, “Finding Nemo”? Do you recall what happened when Dory ran into Bruce, the shark? She enthusiastically said,” Hey!”. And had no idea he was inviting her to a party to eat her alive. She was too happy swimming in her own big blue ocean, on her own mission to get to P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. No one, big or small was going to stand in her way.

Think about Dory’s intervention with the sharks. She wasn’t scared of them, as she didn’t remember that they were a threat to her. She bravely spoke with the sharks, vast in their size, small in her own. Do you recall how the sharks respond back to her confessions? They applaud her. The sharks clapped for a little bitty fish. She was confident in herself and it was apparent.

This movie is filled with so many allegories if you are looking for them.

Moral of this post?

Ladies, do you know where you are headed? Do you know your mission? If you do not, you may be distracted by fear of failure. Don’t forget who you are. If you do find yourself lost, remember it is only temporary. Like Dory, be so focused on your goals that you forget about all the possible threats around you, the doubts, the people that may wish to see you fail. Your value is not measured by your size but by your will to succeed.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. All you have to do is make a choice. DeW you keep on swimming with the sharks? I DeW!

“When life gets you down, DeW you know what you gotta DeW? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… What DeW we DeW, we swim!” -Dory

Brooke Coleman
Vanguard Collect

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Brooke Coleman was born in the Sweet Onion Country, small town Vidalia, GA. Sweet as her roots may be, she is also a wildfire born with passion. With each change in direction, she burns brighter. Brooke’s outlook on life is simple, you get what you put out. If you want to see change, then change. If you want to be productive, then do things productively. If you want to be happy, then choose happiness. Life is all about choices. Brooke was raised in Savannah, GA and married her high school sweetheart, Kyle Coleman in 2008. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Emalyn, 9 years old and River, 3 years old. Brooke began her profession in the dental field in 2006 as a certified dental assistant and promoted herself from there. Cross-trained clinically and administratively, along with years of experience in the dental/medical field, traveling the country and witnessing many office’s systems and processes, Brooke understands the many facets of coding/billing errors and how they occur. Training offices on how to increase production, how to provide higher levels of customer service, communication, and proper treatment planning is the easy part. The underlining resolution came in trying to figure out why production would increase, the level of customer service would rise, yet cash flow would remain the same. Brooke set sail on her own journey in 2017 and launched her company, Vanguard Collect. Her mission wasn’t to be the biggest DSO company, to have a huge corporate office with a fancy red leather chair, nor did she desire to have 100 employees. Her mission was much more personalized around self-gratification and the need to serve others. Brooke’s desire to share her energy with the world and the need to help others succeed is her simple vision. She wishes everyone to live life to the fullest and to cherish everything life has to offer, both personally and professionally. She understands her vision for Vanguard Collect may not be the right business model for some companies, everyone has their own style and needs. However, for the like-minded clients, they will rise with her motivational expertise! Through Vanguard Collect, Brooke wishes to instill hard work, dedication, and perseverance into her girls' growing minds. It isn’t about the dollar amount, it is about the value. Definition of Grit- Courage and resolve: strength of character AND GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH!!



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