The Beginning Of Something Great.

Feature article from the DeW Life Magazine Winter 2020


The Fire is Lit. And it is roaring! DeWs are growing in number because “Good DeWs find Good DeWs” and together, we can DeW great things!

Our Inaugural Retreat was beyond my wildest dreams!

It was triumphant, so much bigger than any one of us. The contagious energy throughout the two days led to thought-provoking discussions, camaraderie, collaboration, friendship, appreciation, personal growth and, most importantly, love of ourselves and others.

We accomplished this feat with our amazing DeW Life team, our amazing speakers, our sponsors and the professionals at Dental Cast Productions.

A special thank you to Rebecca Paciorek, JoAnn Schutte, and Susan Beatty. Susan started in Minnesota, drove to Ohio, picked up Rebecca and JoAnn and arrived in Charlotte in time to prepare for all of us. They were there for me and all of you with a single goal of making this a special event that you would never forget. Our mission was accomplished.

Dental Cast Productions captured our spirit, and, truth be told, they said it was the most engaging event they had the privilege to document. They were so fun to work with and kept us on our toes and lighthearted.

We were honored to have our Gallop coaches, Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel, on hand to help us understand the meaning behind our Strengths Discovery so we could walk away living our strengths. All 100 women now know their top 5 strengths and are armed with the personal knowledge of how to best use them to further their own unique mission in life.

“Living Your Strengths” will continue to be the mantra of DeW.

We couldn’t have done this without our impressive sponsors. We are very grateful to Patterson Dental, Pulpdent, Dental Creations, Ltd., Solutionreach, CloSYS, Biteline, ACT Dental and Weave.

Our dream of filling the “DeW Bucket of Love” raised $5,000 for BrownGirl, RDH and the Oral Cancer Cause, thanks to the generosity of our attendees and the matching efforts of The Productive Dentist Academy and Inspired Hygiene.

I wanted to bring women in dentistry together from all career paths to inspire, highlight, empower and connect. The fire was lit, and there is no turning back! We have sparked something so powerful that our burning desire will not wane! Words cannot express the joy I feel knowing that women in our field are coming together to celebrate each other. We need each other in these extraordinary times. Who do you know that we need to know?

Please accept my heartfelt invitation to join us in 2020 for our 2nd DeW Retreat. Mark your calendar for November 13-15, 2020, Charlotte, NC.

Join the Movement of DeW. Be heard, be a force, be YOU and #BeAdew!

We’ve Been Blown Away by the Response

“I was honored to be invited to the first inaugural DeW Retreat but felt even more joy by the welcome I felt from each of the amazing women attending this meeting. It was such a pleasure to meet each of them and experience such support for each other. I not only met new friends and colleagues but learned new things about myself and my strengths. I will take these new strengths and build on them, honor the old friendships as they continue to grow and cherish the new ones I have started to build. Thank you for having the insight and the strength to start us all on this journey, and I personally look forward to continuing it with all of these amazing women and hopefully many more!”- Janelle Storck. Front Office Rocks

“At a DeW Retreat, it is quite awe-inspiring to be in the presence of this force. To see a DeW is to see strength, beauty, and inspiration. To know a DeW is to know a gracious heart, a friendly hug, and a giving soul. To be a DeW is to be among some of the most marvelous women in the world.”- Beverly M. Wilburn, FAADOM. Office Manager Karl A. Smith, DDS, LLC

“Sometimes I do not need continuing education directly pertaining to clinical or business expertise. Sometimes I need education that allows me to surround myself with like-minded people who will influence me to plan my tomorrow to exceed my today. Thank you so much for the opportunity. The hard work and time spent developing, completing and evaluating this retreat have not gone unnoticed.”- Emily Boge MPA, RDH, CDA. Owner, Think Big Dental, LLC

“I was blown away by the number of ah-ha moments I had, not only from listening to the speakers but also in regular conversation. I walked away with a sense of comfort and confidence, knowing that I wasn’t alone in this. There is a tribe of women who have been where I am and are there to lift me up. There was a lot of love in that room, and I felt very blessed to be a part of it.” – Jenn Rhoades. CEO & Co-Founder Smile Virtual

“The DeW Retreat was ‘an awakening’ for me. It fed my soul, confirmed that I was not alone in this field and was REAL. The setup and structure of the meeting forced interaction that might not necessarily had been in a traditional meeting. Worth every penny!”- Hollie Bryant. Bryant Consultants

“As a survivor of many things: abuse, miscarriage, failed IVF…it was such an amazing, eye-opening event! I had never seen or experienced so much lifting up of one another as I had at the DeW Retreat! Count me in every year to come; we NEED this in our lives!”- Sandy Lee

“I walked away from the DeW Retreat feeling refreshed and invigorated! This event was truly transformational for me in my journey as a female entrepreneur.”- Adriana Booth Lead Practice Coach, ACT Dental DeW Retreat Sponsor


“Three letters that have great significance and purpose. Dental Entrepreneur Women. This title has multiple facets; Dentist, RDH, Office Manager, Public Speaker, CEO, President, and a multitude of other titles, but all 100 came together this weekend because of 1 amazing and dedicated, caring woman, Anne Duffy.

I thank you for inviting me and coming into my life. You opened my world to new insights on life, but even better new women and connections that go deeper than any friendship I’ve ever felt. I thank each and every one of you women for opening your ears and your hearts to my story and journey. I thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to find my inner power.

As businesswomen, we take on many roles each and every day, but being a DEW has got to be one of my favorites!!! I loved hearing from each and every speaker that spoke from their soul and shared their story and strength and wisdom. I was so humbled to be in the presence of everyone. I look forward to all my new friendships from this retreat and excited to take what I learned and prosper even further.” – Caitlin Nicke President, COO Vermillion Cosmetics



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