Recorded LIVE from the special DeW 2019 Retreat After-Party at Anne’s home


In this podcast, Dr. Julie Kellogg, AADP program chair, talks with colleagues at the Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW) Retreat. The group, which includes DeW founder Anne Duffy, AADP 2020 keynote speaker Dr. Hazel Glasper, and AADP member Dr. Kris Aadland, reflects on what they’ve learned at DeW and previews what they’ll share at AADP Skies Wide Open in Orlando on March 4-7.

Recorded LIVE from the special DeW party at Anne’s home, they’ll discuss multigenerational workplaces, helping women live their strengths, making women’s voices heard, coaching each other, and growing dentistry. “It’s not about being a competitor; it’s about helping each other,” Aadland says. Join the fun!

(Disclaimer: Please forgive the audio quality; I’m a dentist, not a sound engineer! –Dr. Kellogg)


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