Dew Nothing! Enjoying the Slower Pace: Is this possible for Entrepreneurs?


When asked to write a blog 3 weeks ago, “BC” (Before COVID-19), I had a slew of ideas of what I could write about, like a hypothetical Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the things we can Dew!  None of us could be prepared for the wrath of COVID-19. So, I am challenging all of you entrepreneurs, aka “movers and shakers” to slow down, breathe, and allow for some space; space and serenity to allow your creative juices to flow and rediscover the gift of time. 

My father shared a quote with me from Mickey Rivers, a former baseball player of the Yankees, that I think about often.  It has never been more relevant:

It don’t pay to worry about the things you got control over because you got control over it, It don’t pay to worry about the things you don’t got control of because you don’t got control over it.” – 

Simple enough, right?  Sounds simple but we all know it is not easy for us entrepreneurs to slow down, breathe, and smell the roses.  

Here are 5 concepts that helped me rewire my brain to allow myself to “Dew Nothing and Enjoy the Slower Pace” 

Today is today-

Somehow Monday feels like Friday, Friday feels Wednesday, etc. The fact is every day the sun rises and sets.  As entrepreneurs, we have new opportunities to slow down and make new routines such as starting your day savoring a cup of coffee, or watching the morning news with a loved one and being able to share and discuss your worries regarding daily COVID-19 events. I never thought I would have “build a 1000-piece puzzle” on my “agenda” but I am embracing this gift of time.  I have a full sunrise to sunset to enjoy. 

Strengthen Relationships-

I notice in my business emails, I am a little more curious and a little wordier than usual for I truly care about what and how my clients and colleagues are doing.  The rules of KISS no longer apply. My personal relationships have gotten stronger for we are sharing time, camaraderie and creative ideas. Love how my Zoom calls have become social happy hours with family and friends! 

Wait to Worry-

This is a quote from my Grandma that is a simpler version of Mickey Rivers’ quote. I think about this often when I start spiraling down the anxiety road of “what ifs.”  As entrepreneurs, we are all used to a certain level of anxiety and “unknowns” but not at this caliber! When you start to get that feeling of “Oh no”, turn it around to “Oh, NOW” – What do you know now? What can you control NOW? What can you do NOW?  Wait to worry, you will find from your experience that 99% of what you worried about never came to fruition. 

You are Stronger than you Know-

Or, as I like to put an entrepreneur spin on it, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Think about past hurdles you have conquered only to reach higher ground. We are fortunate, as entrepreneurs we are known to be flexible because we have to be! Tap into your inner entrepreneurial spirit and reflect on past triumphs. Most importantly, be kind to yourself! 

This Too Shall Pass-   

Think about how collectively we are all in this together. We don’t know where COVID-19 will bring us, but we do know that for the first time in a long time, although we are socially distancing, we are spiritually connecting.  There must be long term merit in that alone. 

Okay, Dewers! Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, and “dew nothing?” I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I believe we owe it to ourselves to take the pressure off and reboot.  I would love to hear how all you entrepreneurs are adapting to the slower pace. I know you all have tips and tricks that are helping you cope. Why not share with your fellow entrepreneurs?  After all, we are all in this together! 

Be well! 

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Lauren Gueits, RDH BS, a dental hygienist of 25+ years and a recipient of the 2010 RDH Sunstar Award of Distinction, lectures nationally to health professionals on airway health solutions, comprehensive care, and oral/systemic links. Lauren received her degree from the State University of New York at Farmingdale in 1991 and post-graduate training in Myofunctional Therapy through the AOMT in 2013. Lauren is Guest Faculty at New York University, an industry key opinion leader, published author, and has appeared on WNBC, WABC and the Colgate Oral Health Network raising awareness about diabetes and oral health and orthodontics. She is passionate about the integral role of hygienists as health care advocates, preventing disease vs treating symptoms and is enjoying her role as Founder/President,


  1. Great article at the perfect time! This has helped me know that I am not alone in going through this weird normal. I appreciate the perspective and also the personal input! Thanks so much, Lauren!


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