There Is Life After Death


With the COVID19 virus forbidding the world to be with their loved ones as they struggle to survive from this illness and even die from it, the news reports so many that did not get to say their goodbyes.

It inspired me to share my thoughts. 

Close your eyes my friends and finish your hugs and kisses and even your conversations. Close your eyes and let yourself see them and let them see you. You can imagine whatever you want. Let me tell you what I mean. 

My siblings and I grew up dancing together in the living room. One time I was at a Worship Team concert. I was dancing to the music, just stepping side to side. I closed my eyes and all 4 of my siblings ️joined me. The 5 of us were dancing in a semi-circle all doing the same step with perfect rhythm as happy tears fell from my eyes. I was filled with an amazing joy. I wish this for everyone. 

Don’t be afraid to think of their death. For me, it brings them back to life as the memories come flooding back and I am reminded that these memories that are still alive in me.

Close your eyes and imagine that last conversation, finish it or have a new one. Tell them how much they mean to you or say I love you and let them say it to you. Create new memories, resolve old issues, stomp your foot and yell at them if you need to then forgive them or let them forgive you. 

There is nothing you can’t do or say using your imagination with your eyes closed and you can choose to believe anything and everything with it. 

Don’t be afraid of your tears and know that they see you crying. For me, it’s when I cry, whether they be happy or sad tears, that I feel closest to them. It is for this reason that I welcome and treasure every one of my tears. 


My siblings continue to be strong forces in my mind and am truly blessed to have found a way to embrace their presence in a different way. I wish this for everyone that feels it was unfinished, that still longs to say I love you, that was forbidden or unable to sit by their dying loved one’s side, that did not get to say goodbye. 

I am here to tell you…

There Is Life After Death

Isaiah 40:31. ‘But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint’

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