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DeW Life is a women’s lifestyle magazine for all women in dentistry.

Our goal is to inspire and highlight women in dentistry and to be true to our shared commitment of being our best in all things, using our gifts for others while taking care of ourselves.

We want to fill a void that exists regarding female leaders and inspirational voices. To show young ladies entering the profession that the opportunities are real. To encourage those already digging in to raise their voices and for those seasoned veterans to give back and refuse to quit, because as we know, DeWs never retire!

We called it DeW for Dental Entrepreneur Women. We believe that all women are entrepreneurs. They run the household, they run the schedule, they run the gatherings, they run the spending. They run life. They dew life. They are Dental entrepreneur Women. We want to be your voice.

DeW Life can’t do it alone. We need your stories. We need your inspiration!

This magazine and movement on our website is for all of us. We want to share your stories. Your story might support someone else searching for their true passion and joy! Your struggle might be their struggle. Your win might be theirs for the earning. Your story can change someone’s life. Telling it will feel good. Just DeW it!

Please join us. Please share with you colleagues and friends.

Together we can accomplish amazing things, DeWing small things, with great love.


Bossy little girls become strong leaders. My dad used to lovingly call me a pushy broad. My grandmother lovingly noted that I was very loud, and my brother was grateful when I tried to chase the bullies away from him. To this day I will ask for raises for my co-workers if I think they are deserving. It came as no surprise that when I realized women in dentistry were not getting their due, not getting paid the same, not getting the keynotes, not getting the respect they deserve, being bullied and /or harassed at work, (need I go on?) that I would do what I could to change that. Yes, the birth of DeW Life was in my DNA.

On Thursday, July 18, 2016, I hung up the phone and I was outraged. It was 4:30 in the afternoon and I had just had enough! My friend and colleague, whom I admired immensely, was sharing her experience that day of being bullied and berated. “They said my smile was insincere.” I knew this DeW and she is one of the sincerest people I know. Hearing similar stories as I broadened my reach, it hit me. It was simply time to do something. Time to inspire women in the dental industry. Time to fill a pipeline of female leaders. Time to highlight women in our field. Time to connect friends and colleagues. Time to highlight their achievements. Time to raise all women! That afternoon I decided to start a new publication and called it DeW Life magazine for the Dental entrepreneur Woman. Every woman is truly entrepreneurial, spinning multiple plates. My goal is to applaud you with DeW.Life –
It is for You, about You and by You. DeW Life is all for you!

My talents and experience lead me to this juncture. I have been in dental since I graduated from The Ohio State University in 1974, with a major in dental hygiene and a minor in education. Moving all over the country following my husband’s career earned me 6 state boards and loads of experience in many dental offices. When we landed in Charlotte, NC, we had 3 beautiful kids and decided it was time to stop moving them around, so my husband decided to quit his job and start his own chemical company. Of course, I thought it was a genius move until the reality of a start-up settled in and our private schools, country club and my tennis game slowly became jeopardized. I joined a Networking Dental company where I could work part time along with my two days of seeing patients in the dental office. Through that company I gained leadership and team building skills, working with diverse dental professionals along the way. Two years into building my organization I met a gentleman starting a new magazine, Dental entrepreneur, going to all the dental schools on the business side of dentistry. He asked me to come on board to sell advertising to dental companies. I said, “Yes.” That was in 1998. This gave way to building expansive relationships in the dental arena, from marketers, accountants, attorneys, business owners, speakers, consultants and authors. By 2001, I owned Dental entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom, and the rest is history. When I hung up the phone on that fateful Thursday, starting another publication felt like my calling! In Sheryl Sandberg’s words, “It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.”

I can’t DeW this without you! Please join me in this endeavor. It is important for all of us and for the future of dentistry. I want to connect with you and connect you with DeWs. I want to share your words to inspire others. We can DeW this, and I would be honored to DeW it with you.


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