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a smiling woman dental entrepreneur greets new patients with her team behind her - a good clinician

A Good Clinician – a Well-Loved Doctor

It is Monday morning, the first appointment of the day. She walks into your operatory, a little slower than she would like. You notice it in the furrow of her brow, her frustration with her...

The History of Happiness

Rush. Rush. Rush. Life so easily becomes a series of punctuated moments, blending together in a blur. And what do we all search for? The ultimate goal for most of us is happiness. But...

Popping Bottles For Women Everywhere!

It is celebration time here at DeW as we celebrate the inaugural launch of the magazine which we hope will mean so much to so many! At the annual Hinman Dental Conference, in hot...

Inspiration from 20,000 feet in the Sky

I am writing this blog from 20,000 feet in the sky. I do this a lot. One day, I had a realization, and it was a gift. No doubt with some help from the...

Amisha Singh

Big, wet eyes and a head full of dark brown hair. Time froze the moment I first laid eyes on my son. All the pain of labor and the cacophony of a packed delivery...