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Diagnosing Dental Treatment Plans: Patients Aren’t There to Fill Your Quota

editor's note: Dr. Betty Orr, one of our favorite doctors and writers, talks to us about diagnosing dental treatment plans. "Never in my life have I sat down to diagnose treatment in order to...
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How Can You Trust Me?

You don’t even know me. I opened my dental practice in the Spring of 1996 when managed care was as far away in the distance as Mars…or so I thought. Eventually, it showed up. And so...
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…TAKES AT LEAST 30 DAYS It’s rather easy to give a good interview. All it takes is some spit and polish, composure and confidence. Oh…and a nice suit, yes…a nice suit. You know what they...

The Art of the Matter…Part 2

I wrote, The Art of the Matter, thinking my story was through...but a recent visit with women who DeW, inspired me to write Part II A good friend of mine, life coach Kelley Doyle Snyder, recently asked me...
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The Big Heart of the Small Practice….. & a K.I.S.S. from Dr. Betty

Reflections on my lunch with my friend, Dr. Nelson Eddy Today, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing an old friend and colleague, Dr. Nelson Eddy, who hasn’t let me pay for a meal in...

The Art of the Matter

As an artist, I have heard the phrase, “I can’t even draw a stick figure”, enough times to know that most of us define an “artist” as someone who can draw the human figure...

Build It and They Will Come

My dental career started in 1987 as a freshman at Columbia University SDOS. Standing in the orientation room, crowded with long white coats and a tad of trepidation, I truly did not know what to...