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Cheryl Shafer is retired from clinical dental hygiene after 30 years in practice. She has a bachelors in Community Health Education, she combined her passion for dentistry and community health writing curriculums for senior centers and training the nurses how to care for the dental needs of the elderly. She is a national speaker, Certified Orofacial Myologist and founder of Facial Function. Specializing in oral-facial myofunctional disorders, airway/breathing, and tethered oral tissues, she is dedicating her career to assisting patients with Myofunctional disorders to reach their goals of healthy breathing and facial function.

Breathing New Life Into My Career

How can it feel like yesterday that I was seeing most of my clients in the office making a personal connection? At this moment, mid-April 2020, the world is experiencing an unimaginable crisis that...

Finding my Passion and Purpose

During the day, I went to work, proud to be a dental hygienist improving the oral health of my patients. At night I would come home to my child who was struggling to breathe,...