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Dr. Erinne Kennedy is an Ohio State University graduate and comes from Middleport, Ohio. She graduated from the Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine in 2015. Dr. Kennedy loved everything about dental school, especially being involved in organized dentistry. While in dental school she was involved with ASDA (American Student Dental Association) as a local vice president and national contributing editor. After dental school Erinne attend a one-year general practice residency at the VA Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Erinne has a passion for giving back, and is currently working toward a dental public health specialty and a masters in dental education at Harvard University in Boston, MA. Her love for writing and communicating continued after dental school when she became a blogger for IgniteDDS, and alumnus writer for ASDA. Currently, she services as a contributing editor for Dental Product review and on the Junior Editorial board for DeW. In her free time, Dr. Kennedy enjoys exercise in all forms: yoga, weight lifting, group exercise classes, and running. Dr. Kennedy‘s professional affiliations include The American Dental Association, The Massachusetts’s Dental Association, and The Academy of General Dentistry. Contact: erinne.kennedy@ignitedds.com
Erinne Kennedy Leads the Way to the Top of Lye Brook Falls in Vermont

Influence the Team – One Woman’s Secret Leadership Style

Group Impact A few weeks ago, I was leaf-peeping in New England. It’s a sport really, and I was trying to be a professional. A few of my friends and I were hiking the Lye...
christmas decor highlights a holiday tradition

Erinne Kennedy’s Deep Fried Holiday Traditions

What are your holiday traditions? What do you think of when you think of family holiday traditions? Maybe you think of driving through the neighborhood and looking at the Christmas lights, making cookies with your...
Stay Up to Speed with These Planners Calendars and Lists

The Best Entrepreneurial Calendar Planners

Do you recognize the sound of your favorite pen on your note pad, making that straight line through a task that needed completion? That is the euphoric sound of an entrepreneur's success. That and...
Women's Feet pictured inside a chalk circle as Dental Entrepreneur Aiming to Inspire Growth in Others by Changing Herself

Inspiring Growth Fresh Out of Dental School

Growth can come suddenly. Or gradually. Or both. The phone rang, and I kept saying yes to everything that was asked of me until I hung up and realized what I had committed myself to....
Rest awhile and let yourself heal.

Running On Empty? Rest Awhile and Let Yourself Heal

Have you ever run yourself ragged (as my grandma would say!)? Recently, I did just that. The month of October was filled with projects, presentations, pumpkin spiced latte’s, and a wicked cold. Boston is...
happy traveler waiting for the flight in airport, departure terminal, immigration concept

Travel Tips

I love airplanes. Really, I love everything about travel: TSA, airport food, neck pillows, you name it! However, I can say with confidence that when I first started traveling I was frazzled. At the...
Myth busting with a bowling ball marked Truth striking pins illustrating myths to symbolize shedding light on and dispelling untruths or lies with honesty, sincerity and investigation of facts

Let’s Play a Quick Game of Myth Busters

Myth: Life balance exists. Truth: Can I be brutally honest with you? I have spent most of my life frustrated. I was frustrated, because I was trying to have a balanced life. This seemed impossible...
Personal experience with the Whole 30 diet plan.

Health and Fitness Part VI: Whole 30, Whole Me

30 Days of What? Feeling lethargic? Lacking motivation? Craving your afternoon coffee? Binge eating? Binge Netflixing? Skipping workouts? Sleepless nights? For a whole 30 days and more? Can I get an "amen"? Ladies, let’s face it:...

Recapping the 2017 Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting

Wow! What an honor it has been to be invited on behalf of Dental Entrepreneur Women’s Magazine to the Hinman Dental Conference this week. Amisha and I joined women from all over the United...

Life Lessons from 20 to 28

Every teenager dreads the day they acknowledge that their parents are right. At least for me, I was dead set on surviving my entire existence without breathing the words “You are right” to my...