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For more than twenty years, Dr. Wade has provided the highest quality cosmetic, restorative, and preventive care and advocated tirelessly for dental wellness and the whole-health connection. In 2010, she attained the prestigious Master of Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) designation and became a founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. In addition, she is a receiver of the Orkos award for excellence in periodontitis and serves on several Boards. Her work has been featured on TV, radio and print and she’s also a co-author of “Address the Stress: A Relevant Guide to the Oral Systemic Link.” https://www.stonebriarsmiledesign.com/
Dentists Are Leaders in Preventive Medicine

Gear Up to Be the Leaders in Preventive Medicine

Gear up, team! Dentistry is becoming the starting place for preventive medicine. We are on the front lines and set to be the leaders in confronting chronic illnesses. What...
Yes, you can CAVU, reach the heights and beyond.

CAVU How High Can You Go?

Each year I try to choose one word to be my sounding call or battle cry for the year. This year I had decided "limitless" or "no limits" would be my motto for 2019....
woman enjoying the peace joy and freedom of life in the fresh air

A House Flood, Unexpected Inconvenience, Embracing Joy: Part Two

An unexpected inconvenience can lead to a new level of joy. You may have read on a previous blog that my house flooded due to a water heater burst while I was at work. This...
woman relaxing in front of holiday Christmas tree for stress relief

Is Holiday Stress Making You Scream? Get the List and Check It Twice!

Do you feel like screaming as the holidays get closer? One photo of my twins with their little faces screwed up, bawling reminds me to keep calm and carry on during the last quarter...
A photo of Dr Jill Wade and her 2 daughters making a list after their house flood

A House Flood, Kicking Stress, Starting Over: Part One

editor's note: From something as troublesome as house flood, Dr. Jill Wade gets the chance to evaluate what really matters in life and the opportunity to start over. I never dreamed a house flood would...