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JoAn Majors is a Certified Speaking Professional, published author and registered dental assistant. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Network. She holds the designation of CSP held by less than 12% of 5,000+ speakers worldwide with less than a dozen directly in dentistry. It is the highest earned international measure of professional platform competence. In addition, she is a member of the AADOM, ADIA and many other professional organizations. JoAn is the founder and content creation specialist of The Soft Skills Institute, an AGD PACE National provider. She (and Dr. Josh Packard when requested) deliver 3 and 6 hour presentations as well as a 2-day deep dive experience in developing and applying the soft skills. Creating Value with Soft Skills and Science. All seminars can be supported by a high value after care program for implementation content online on any device. Perfect to augment any coaching or consulting program, not replace it. She is also the creator and co-host of SpouseTales podcast on itunes, SoundCloud and online at, www.spousetales.com. As a recurring author, SpouseTales in short story form are available exclusively through DeW Life magazine. New this year, Significant Spouse, a 2 day workshop style learning opportunity will provide greater acuity of common stresses as a spouse, the dental team, community impact with cause marketing and the ever-changing role of the spouse. Oh, and you can bring the doctor! This two time author with a third on the way is happily married to her greatest champion and partner for life, a practicing second generation dentist, Dr. Chuck Majors. When not on the road she functions as the Comprehensive Care Coordinator in their fourth and final practice, MajorSmiles in Bryan, Texas. JoAn’s happy place is at the front of the room inspiring audiences to greatness with her signature “Open Arms” communication and soft skills. Her platform voice and her writing voice are the same. Positive and passionate but not too preachy. To learn more or see her in action, visit: www.joanmajors.com.
Are your actions stealing someone else’s joy?

SpouseTales Snippets 3: Are your actions stealing someone else’s joy?

Money or Experience One of my absolute favorite things to do for our team (and brings me great joy) is finding the special gifts my husband and I love to present to the team....
As the team leader of your practice, do you feel held hostage?

SpouseTales Snippets 2 – Doctor Held Hostage, It’s a Real Thing!

A short SpouseTale, because you can’t make this stuff up! Doctor held hostage, is a real thing. It can manifest as a feeling, an event, or the circumstance one might find themselves in after a...
These are the "day wives" of our lives.

SpouseTales Snippets 1 – These Are the “Day Wives” of Our Lives!

A Short SpouseTale, Because You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! It occurred to me, as we have begun to write short blog-type snippets exclusively for DeW Life magazine, that I should perhaps go over some...