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JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP ® is a registered dental assistant, published author, and has earned the designation of certified speaking professional from the National Speakers Association. Her vast career in dentistry spans three decades. Her first book has trained thousands of dental implant teams across the US and Canada. She is founder and content creation specialist for The Soft Skills Institute, LLC, a Nationally recognized AGD PACE provider of seminars and workshops. JoAn’s happy place is at the front of the room inspiring audiences to action and to appreciate the significance of soft skills to create greater value for all types of care and in every relationship, they want to keep. She is also the creator and co-host for SpouseTales podcast.

SpouseTales Snippets 5: Getting Up And Doing It Again

Jackson Browne said it best, “…I’ll get up and do it again. Amen!” My husband and I both love this line out of the old Jackson Browne song, The Pretender. It is a constant reminder...

What this Dental Entrepreneur Woman (DeW) learned from a DeWd!

3 Things I Learned from Dr. Roy Shelburne “I make it my job to be under the radar”. For years this is what I said when someone asked why they hadn’t met me in the...
Call the Dentist!

SpouseTales Snippets 4: Call The Dentist!

Please, pick up the phone and call the doctor if you can’t make it to the office. It still amazes me how many grown adult team members won’t just pick up the phone and call...
Are your actions stealing someone else’s joy?

SpouseTales Snippets 3: Are your actions stealing someone else’s joy?

Money or Experience One of my absolute favorite things to do for our team (and brings me great joy) is finding the special gifts my husband and I love to present to the team....
As the team leader of your practice, do you feel held hostage?

SpouseTales Snippets 2 – Doctor Held Hostage, It’s a Real Thing!

A short SpouseTale, because you can’t make this stuff up! Doctor held hostage, is a real thing. It can manifest as a feeling, an event, or the circumstance one might find themselves in after a...
These are the "day wives" of our lives.

SpouseTales Snippets 1 – These Are the “Day Wives” of Our Lives!

A Short SpouseTale, Because You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! It occurred to me, as we have begun to write short blog-type snippets exclusively for DeW Life magazine, that I should perhaps go over some...