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Jodie’s dental career spans over 34 years and dentistry is her passion. Initially in private practice for 20 years, Jodie currently has over a decade with Trojan Professional Services as a consultant working directly with practices nationwide. Nicknamed “Trojan’s wordsmith", Jodie is involved with marketing and all forms of client communications. She wears many hats as Trojan’s Sr. Account Manager and created Trojan’s Consultant Relations Program. Jodie is a strong advocate for our profession, her contributions to the dental industry are extremely beneficial and she is highly respected in the industry. Jodie is a thought leader, open to change and doing what is best for any organization. “…We grew from $600K to $2.5M. I want you to understand that there are very few people who have had a profound influence over the success of my career. One of those is unquestionably Jodie Pearson. The above would not have been possible without the dedication, creativity, loyalty and professionalism of Jodie.” Gary D. Prins, DDS APC “…Our revenues were approximately $750,000 but more than tripled the size of our practice under Jodie’s leadership! I truly believe that the “secret” of our success was, and still is, predicated on excellent patient care, superb customer service, and in the implementation and execution of solid systems and protocol. Jodie was very much at the center of all of this, and I believe our practice still enjoys the fruit of her leadership to this day! Jodie possesses that rare quality of combining firm professionalism with warmth, grace, and a sense of humor. She is kind, compassionate, and of the highest ethical integrity.” John B. Wallace, DDS “I have known Jodie Pearson for almost 20 years, and she worked for me for seven of them. She had a challenging position in the customer relations department, working to retain members who were unable to generate enough value from the patients we sent them through 1-800-DENTIST, where she excelled. She developed a keen understanding of how to influence practices and get them to a higher level of success, not just with our referrals but with all their patients.” Fred Joyal, The Fred Joyal Company

There Is Life After Death

With the COVID19 virus forbidding the world to be with their loved ones as they struggle to survive from this illness and even die from it, the news reports so many that did not...