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Dr. Julie Kellogg is a third generation general dentist who practices with her father and uncle in a 4-doctor clinic in Walla Walla, WA. She is a 2005 graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Julie is an entrepreneur and investor and especially enjoys real estate. Her fun time activities include snow skiing and stand up paddle boarding, travel and photography as well as reading and writing. Her two white dogs, Rossi and Mochi, are usually along for the adventure. Her current goal is to visit 40 countries by her 40th birthday.


I am a Gen X, just barely, being born in 1980. We are a small cohort born from 1961 to 1981, squeezed in between the much larger baby boomer and millennial generations. We are...

Strengths of a Father-Daughter Partnership

I’ve always looked up to my dentist father. I leaned on his strengths and trusted him. I admired his achievements and thought he was smart, always knew the right direction to go, and brought...

Recorded LIVE from the special DeW 2019 Retreat After-Party at Anne’s home

In this podcast, Dr. Julie Kellogg, AADP program chair, talks with colleagues at the Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW) Retreat. The group, which includes DeW founder Anne Duffy, AADP 2020 keynote speaker Dr. Hazel Glasper, and...

Centenarian in Dentistry

The privilege of spending time with a person who has experienced 100 years of change in our world always excites me. So I wasn’t going to turn down the invitation to the 101st birthday...
2 champagne glasses tipped in a toast to women surrounded by holiday bubbles

A Toast to Enterprising Women Worldwide

This year I spent the Thanksgiving holiday differently. But it gave me a glimpse of enterprising women in a variety of circumstances. My family and I went our separate ways, and on Black Friday...