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As a business coach and owner, Kristin helps clients across the nation create practices they love. She understands the challenges and barriers doctors face. She is passionate about helping them transform their mindset and business to achieve their goals. As an excellent communicator, she is very intuitive and able to identify and diagnose areas of opportunity quickly and give workable and practical solutions. Kristin’s goal is to help doctors create a business and most importantly a life they love. Kristin is bringing transformational change to her clients through one-on-one consulting programs, mastermind groups and retreats. To find out more: www.kristinpelletier.com, solutions@kristinpelletier.com, 866-499-2498.

How Do You Know You’ve Arrived, if You Don’t Have a Clear Vision?

In today’s world, it seems that so many people are trying to fit into a certain mold instead of truly exploring their own path to happiness. When we set out on our journey, we...

Lessons on the Path to Finding Your Purpose

When I slow down and reflect, it’s pretty unbelievable to see the direction my life and dental consulting business have taken, and how everything has unfolded. There were so many hurdles that at the...