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Laura Schwindt, DDS is a retired dentist whose mission now is to help other women dental professionals enjoy a more balanced life. She believes women really can have it all as long as they take care of their most valuable asset; their health. Dr. Schwindt graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1997 and spent the first half of her career as an associate in many different practice models. Her experiences in these different settings gave her valuable inspiration to go out on her own. The highlight of her career came when Dr. Schwindt opened her dream solo practice from scratch. During the height of her career, Dr. Schwindt suffered from a significant bout of dental burnout. It nearly destroyed her health, her family and her practice. Miraculously, with the help of a coach, she began to add a daily practice of self-care into her morning routine. Adding this simple act, woke Dr. Schwindt up to a level of health that she had been ignoring most of her adult life. Dr. Schwindt introduced some of the same principles that had improved her personal life into her business. She credits this with transforming her practice into a healthier, more holistic, and more balanced dental home that became a place she loved to work in again. Dr. Schwindt lives life to the fullest with her husband, Mitchel, and three very active teenagers. She enjoys hiking, mountain and Peloton biking, gardening, vegan cooking, and playing with her dog. Dr. Schwindt is passionate about holistic health and works to inspire and empower other women to live a balanced life. She hosts a Facebook Group where she advocates a less is more life/work philosophy and encourages women in dentistry to get back to the basics of what their real purpose is. You can find Dr. Schwindt at www.lauraschwindt.net

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