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Linda Miles, CSP is the Founder of Linda Miles and Associates, an INC 500 dental management consulting company. She is also the Founder of the Speaking Consulting Network that has helped hundreds of other dental speakers and consultants start or enhance their own speaking/consulting businesses. After selling her two companies in 2007 and 2010, she founded www.AskLindaMiles.com in 2011, a Tele-Consulting & Coaching Business which requires no travel.
better to leave a dental office that's draining you before suffering burn out

Burnout in the Office: “Be Happy or Be Gone”

If you have been to my lecture in the past ten years, you more than likely have heard a quote from a sign in my corporate office of years past that stated simply “BE...
It's Not Easy Being a Woman in Dentistry

It’s Not Easy Being a Woman in Dentistry

Imagine how it was for the very first woman in dentistry. Some would say, "It's not easy being a woman in dentistry.” And if you think it's tough now, imagine how it was for the...