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Mary has dedicated her career of more than thirty years, to the Dental Industry. She is the Founder and Owner of The Dental Business®, a Practice Management Consulting firm and Author of "The Dental Business; A Blueprint for Success". Mary has been the featured guest on several Dental Podcasts and has written numerous articles for publications and blogs. Mary's clients see results quickly, as she addresses their most urgent concerns first, and every management program is customized. Her goal is to see her clients have the successful practice they dream of, enjoy going to work each day, and have worry-free time away from the office. Want to speak with Mary? Email mary@thedentalbusiness.com or call 704-904-5070. 6-455-1670
Panoramic view of a young people showing the word "to speak" using sign language

The Two Most Under-utilized Words in Business are Thank You

The Dental Industry is no exception. Throughout my career as a Consultant, I've spent countless hours with dental team members and one of the questions I ask is, “what aspect of your job gives...

How I became a Dental Entrepreneur Woman and why I’ve stayed.

I grew up in a small town in South Carolina. My first "job" was as a babysitter for our family dentist and his wife, who also attended the same church as my family. I...