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As the team leader of your practice, do you feel held hostage?

SpouseTales Snippets 2 – Doctor Held Hostage, It’s a Real Thing!

A short SpouseTale, because you can’t make this stuff up! Doctor held hostage, is a real thing. It can manifest as a feeling, an event, or the circumstance one might find themselves in after a...
Journey of a dental hygienist and beyond.

How Did I Get Here? Journey Beyond My Dental Hygienist Role

High School Dreams When I was in high school, I already had my entire life planned out. I was going to be married by 25 years old. Have 2 kids. Own a grey house on...
Life Lesson: How Early Is Being Late?

Life Lesson: How Early Is Being Late?

Dad's Life Lesson Growing up in Fremont Ohio, my dad instilled something in my four sisters and I so strongly, it’s still with us every single day. His golden rule of “if you aren’t early,...
Sit down today and listen to the story of a life.

Every Person Has A Story: Know the Story Know the Person

Every person you meet has a story. All stories have a beginning, middle, and end, as does life. Each day we have the wonderful opportunity to shape the lives of others and guide the...
Dentists Are Leaders in Preventive Medicine

Gear Up to Be the Leaders in Preventive Medicine

Gear up, team! Dentistry is becoming the starting place for preventive medicine. We are on the front lines and set to be the leaders in confronting chronic illnesses. What...
Want a sneak peek at a DEW Life Magazine story?

Feature Story from the Coming Issue of Dew Life

One of our fabulous DeWers, Vicki McManus Peterson, has written a very inspirational story in the upcoming issue of DEW magazine. "Scarcity: Your Key to Abundance" 🔑 💰
These are the "day wives" of our lives.

SpouseTales Snippets 1 – These Are the “Day Wives” of Our Lives!

A Short SpouseTale, Because You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! It occurred to me, as we have begun to write short blog-type snippets exclusively for DeW Life magazine, that I should perhaps go over some...
How my baby helped me become a remote virtual dental assistant

My Daughter Made Me DeW It – Becoming the Remote Dental Support Specialist

First, I Worked Front Desk When I was pregnant with my fourth daughter, Alison, I worked front desk at a dental practice. My husband, Joey, was a high school biology teacher and football coach, who...
Yes, you can CAVU, reach the heights and beyond.

CAVU How High Can You Go?

Each year I try to choose one word to be my sounding call or battle cry for the year. This year I had decided "limitless" or "no limits" would be my motto for 2019....
this dental woman faced her fears and became a public speaker

An Unexpected Journey Beyond Fear

Face Fear to Become the Real You Facing fear, making a change, or doing something despite the internal anxiety you experience is when you become the real you. I believe that strength and inner confidence...