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These are the "day wives" of our lives.

SpouseTales Snippets 1 – These Are the “Day Wives” of Our Lives!

A Short SpouseTale, Because You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! It occurred to me, as we have begun to write short blog-type snippets exclusively for DeW Life magazine, that I should perhaps go over some...
How my baby helped me become a remote virtual dental assistant

My Daughter Made Me DeW It – Becoming the Remote Dental Support Specialist

First, I Worked Front Desk When I was pregnant with my fourth daughter, Alison, I worked front desk at a dental practice. My husband, Joey, was a high school biology teacher and football coach, who...
Yes, you can CAVU, reach the heights and beyond.

CAVU How High Can You Go?

Each year I try to choose one word to be my sounding call or battle cry for the year. This year I had decided "limitless" or "no limits" would be my motto for 2019....
this dental woman faced her fears and became a public speaker

An Unexpected Journey Beyond Fear

Face Fear to Become the Real You Facing fear, making a change, or doing something despite the internal anxiety you experience is when you become the real you. I believe that strength and inner confidence...
parent takes child for walk in nature possibly after dentist visit as suggested in article

Taking Your Child to Visit the Dentist

The thought of taking your child to their first dental visit can be a little frightening. How will they respond? Will you be able to help them feel calm? Will this be a disaster?...
the author's brown dog faithful through change

The 15-Year Itch and Embracing Change

Is the 15-year itch a “thing”? It was for me! After 15 years of serving up dental hygiene care to a group of (mostly) awesome patients in the clinical setting, I began to feel...
pregnant mom sitting at a desk with computer talking on cell phone embracing a new opportunity

When Opportunity Knocks – and You’re 9 Months Pregnant

There are times in your life when you just know you’re at a crossroads. That happened to me when I was a dental sales rep with a great company, living in Boston with my...
a planner calendar diary to help achieve goals is laid out with pen on desk beside a cup of black coffee

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2019

As mothers, wives, healthcare providers, and business owners, our lives tend to move so fast that the entire year can fly by without achieving our personal goals. So much of our time and energy...
a stack of balanced rocks represents the fine tuning of a healthy office culture

How Dental Entrepreneur Women Build Healthy Office Cultures

Build a healthy practice through cultural balance Let me start by saying, I believe in cleaning out your closet. I know this sounds like an editing mistake but think about it. When you clean everything...
girl in winter hat with tissue blowing nose in flu season

Ensuring a Healthy Dental Office During Flu Season

Ready or not, the 2018-2019 flu season is here. Even if the flu hasn’t yet peaked in your community, now is the time to tighten up infection prevention protocols in your practice. While the timing,...