a stack of balanced rocks represents the fine tuning of a healthy office culture

How Dental Entrepreneur Women Build Healthy Office Cultures

Build a healthy practice through cultural balance Let me start by saying, I believe in cleaning out your closet. I know this sounds like an editing mistake but think about it. When you clean everything...
better to leave a dental office that's draining you before suffering burn out

Burnout in the Office: “Be Happy or Be Gone”

If you have been to my lecture in the past ten years, you more than likely have heard a quote from a sign in my corporate office of years past that stated simply “BE...
how to balance the juggling act

4 Tips to Balance Your Juggling Act

As a woman in dentistry, you face unique challenges and opportunities in your practice.  We often juggle many responsibilities as wives, mothers, friends, colleagues, daughters, sisters, dentists, practice administrators, business owners, partners and associates....