Live Out Loud

“Live out loud!” is a popular saying thrown around like verbal confetti. But what exactly does it mean? According to pop culture, it means living your life with sass, spice, and flare. Urban dictionary...

The Beauty of Broken

Friends were coming for dinner. I enjoy entertaining so I went about my preparations, humming as I went along. The afternoon flowed smoothly, but anyone who has entertained knows the last few moments before...

Faith Filled Friday: Machell Hudson

On this special Faith Filled Friday Anne is joined by Machell Hudson.  They discuss how they have taken this time of the pandemic to reflect on faith and life's direction. Watch now!

No Bruises:  Recognizing Emotional Abuse 

He will search and find this blog because, after all this time, he still stalks me. He'll call and email the publisher, comment on the thread, and lose his mind trying to clear his...