When You’re the Only Woman in the Room

Being a female dental entrepreneur is not easy. When I joined ClearChoice Dental Implants as its founding COO in 2007, my husband and I had one daughter in college and another going into her junior...

Recession Lessons

When the economy is booming, everything seems easy. There’s increased demand for your services.  You have the necessary cash flow to invest in new technology and new employees.  And your profits are so good...

BeLive: Anne speaks with Angela Martinez

Anne welcomes Angela Martinez to her BeLive "Studio" to discuss all things CareCredit and AADOM!  And of course, being on the cover of Dental Entrepreneur Women's Summer Issue. Watch now!

BeLive–Anne speaks with Nicolle Campion

Anne welcomes the President of Zirc, Nicolle Campion, to discuss her journey with the company.  They talk about the struggle to balance home-life and work-life in the time of COVID. Watch and Share!

Anne Speaks with Patient Prism

Anne recently spoke with Beth Gladdis of Patient Prism about the motivation behind Dental Entrepreneur Woman magazine.  And the importance of building a larger community. Read the article: Inspiring Women and Empowering Dental Entrepreneurs

Attracting and Maintaining Quality Employees

Ask any business owner about the ongoing challenges in owning a business, and I guarantee, finding good employees tops the list. Let’s face it, finding individuals who value your business, the investments you’ve made...

How a Qualified Transition Advisor Will Give You Peace of Mind and Save You...

As a dentist, it’s one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, yet most will not have a transition advisor when buying a dental practice. I get it; you’re paying...

Emotional Intelligence Reboot!

The Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine orders left so many feeling helpless and fearful. This has been especially true for dental professionals as offices closed and uncertainty followed with a “new normal” of PPE, protocols,...

BeLive–Anne welcomes Tonya Lanthier

Anne welcomes Tonya Lanthier of Dental Post into her BeLive "studio" to discuss where she sees the dental industry heading after COVID. Watch now!

DeW Live–Anne and Victoria Peterson

I recently chatted with my dear friend Victoria Peterson about a new class being offered "Business Impact: Foundations Course." Check out our discussion and then sign up at this link. https://productivedentist.com/2020dew/