woman climbing virtual steps to attain her dream dental career

My Journey to a 2,500 Patient Dental Career

My Dental Career Story Started at Age 13 Who would have thought that, in 1973, when I was 13 years old, having my mother drop me off at my father’s dental practice after school would...
How my baby helped me become a remote virtual dental assistant

My Daughter Made Me DeW It – Becoming the Remote Dental Support Specialist

First, I Worked Front Desk When I was pregnant with my fourth daughter, Alison, I worked front desk at a dental practice. My husband, Joey, was a high school biology teacher and football coach, who...
a cup of coffee and a plan book to write dental practice marketing ideas in

Top 4 Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

As a female dental entrepreneur, you have many titles. You are a doer, a creator, a builder, and a leader. You’re an artist, an architect, a visionary, and an educator. You’re also a clinician...
a stack of balanced rocks represents the fine tuning of a healthy office culture

How Dental Entrepreneur Women Build Healthy Office Cultures

Build a healthy practice through cultural balance Let me start by saying, I believe in cleaning out your closet. I know this sounds like an editing mistake but think about it. When you clean everything...
Digital marketing will help you grow your dental practice.

Growing Your Practice Through Digital Marketing

Have you found your practice life “groove”? That’s the comfortable place where you arrive after climbing the rocky hillside, in the rain, sometimes high winds and thunder, to get to the sunny meadow. The...