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Living Your Strengths: Transitioning Through Life with Passion

I think that at some point all girls dream about or fantasize about their future, who they are going to marry and what their life will look like. If you were to have had...

Anne chats with Debora Carrier

In this on-scene DeW Dish LIVE, Anne catches up with Debora Carrier during their recent Smiles at Sea Cruise and highlights Debora's article that appears in the Autumn 2019 issue of DeWLife Magazine. 

A Dental Perfectionist’s Confession

Hi, my name is Kandice and I am a recovering perfectionist. Five years ago I lived in fear that you would hear my voice quiver during a lecture, ask me a question I could...

DeW Dish–Questions with Tija Hunter

What is the best part of your job? The best part of my job is traveling all over getting to visit dental teams and their offices and training them. I like to take my experience...

But First, I Bake!

Have you ever had a deadline looming over you and instead of getting down to business you decide to clean the pantry? This happens to me quite often and my distraction/inspiration of choice is...