a planner calendar diary to help achieve goals is laid out with pen on desk beside a cup of black coffee

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2019

As mothers, wives, healthcare providers, and business owners, our lives tend to move so fast that the entire year can fly by without achieving our personal goals. So much of our time and energy...
2 champagne glasses tipped in a toast to women surrounded by holiday bubbles

A Toast to Enterprising Women Worldwide

his year I spent the Thanksgiving holiday differently. But it gave me a glimpse of enterprising women in a variety of circumstances. My family and I went our separate ways, and on Black Friday...
Erinne Kennedy Leads the Way to the Top of Lye Brook Falls in Vermont

Influence the Team – One Woman’s Secret Leadership Style

Group Impact A few weeks ago, I was leaf-peeping in New England. It’s a sport really, and I was trying to be a professional. A few of my friends and I were hiking the Lye...