Erinne Kennedy Leads the Way to the Top of Lye Brook Falls in Vermont

Influence the Team – One Woman’s Secret Leadership Style

Group Impact A few weeks ago, I was leaf-peeping in New England. It’s a sport really, and I was trying to be a professional. A few of my friends and I were hiking the Lye...
The Golden Girls of Dentistry Cruise

The Golden Girls of Dentistry Cruise

The 2018 Golden Girls Cruise Rocked! The 2018 Golden Girls cruise was a huge success! I find myself looking forward to the 2019 edition while also reflecting on how this event sprouted from a casual...
12 Leadership Principles

Leadership Effectiveness for an Entrepreneurial Dental Woman

Many people say that one of their goals is happiness. However, as Eleanor Roosevelt points out, happiness is a by-product. In your business, if systems are working well, if the team is functioning effectively,...
A community for dental entrepreneur women is born.

A Community and Magazine for Entrepreneurial Dental Women Is Born

The Power of the Dental Woman Community Is there anything a community of smart, passionate, inspired, professional women couldn’t accomplish if we supported one another, shared resources and talents, and created a platform from which...
It's Not Easy Being a Woman in Dentistry

It’s Not Easy Being a Woman in Dentistry

Imagine how it was for the very first woman in dentistry. Some would say, "It's not easy being a woman in dentistry.” And if you think it's tough now, imagine how it was for the...
Janice Hurley teaches that your image can be your success.

Profession Progression, the Story of a Lifetime, Part 2: Janice Hurley

I am known as Dentistry’s "Image" Expert. However, I entered the world of dentistry by sheer chance, and the world of "image" by necessity. That's because I unexpectedly became a single mom in 1982...